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The Woodland Owner Networks working group is dedicated to learning about and fostering the use of peer to peer learning through woodland owner social networks.

The group is bringing people together to learn from existing peer-to-peer woodland owner outreach programs, compile a toolkit of techniques, investigate outcomes and impacts of these programs, and help outreach and Extension professionals incorporate new techniques into their work.

Working group members:
Cheryl Bailey, USDA Forest Service
Brett Butler
, USDA Forest Service and Sustaining Family Forests Initiative
Mark Buccowich,
USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area
Shorna Broussard
, Cornell University
Paul Catanzaro and David Kittredge, UMass – Amherst
Dylan Jenkins
, The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania
Jim Johnson
, Oregon State University Extension
Amanda Kueper, University of Minnesota
Maureen McDonough
, Michigan State University
James Malone
, Alabama Treasure Forest Association
Don Mansius and Kevin Doran, Maine Forest Service
Eric Norland, USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Eli Sagor
, University of Minnesota Extension
Karl Dalla Rosa, USDA Forest Service – State & Private Forestry (Cooperative Forestry)


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