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Webinar recording now online

A recorded version of my January 8 webinar called “Woodland Owner Networks and Peer-to-Peer Learning: A research review” is now available online, courtesy of the National Network of Forest Practitioners. 

Watch a complete recording at http://nnfp.acrobat.com/p73834210/. It’s long but you can skip ahead.  Presentation begins at the 5-minute mark, and discussion at around 55:00.


Roundtable June 14 at ISSRM 2008

ISSRM logo

Shorna Broussard, Maureen McDonough, and I (Eli) will be leading a roundtable discussion of peer-to-peer learning and woodland owner social networks at ISSRM 2008.

ISSRM is a major conference, and we’re looking forward to the discussion. As a roundtable, this will be an exchange of ideas and experiences from people involved different peer-to-peer and social network models.

You can read an abstract describing our session here. If you’re attending the conference, we hope you’ll consider joining us. If not, feel free to add your thoughts below and we’ll bring them to the roundtable.